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Bio Statement Fancying those two attractive long fangs? If you are a vampire lover, these following online games are definitely for you. Flying through the midnight skies or making your lifetime dream come true will be extremely entertaining with these top 5 Vampire games. Get some thrills and welcome another upcoming Halloween festival. Also, you may want to check these TOP selected free online games to play Manti Games

1. The Sun for the Vampire

Who said Vampire only love living at night? Just like us humans, Vampires also cherish the warm sunlight that is shining and glowing, but only during daytime. True but sad, he dreams about living under the warm sunlight but cannot go out and play around under that burning sun. The only way to watch that beautiful sunlight is through pictures. Fortunately, there is a solution. It’s the dangerous Wizard on the enchanted castle, and he knows a way to fulfill our helpless Vampire’s dream. No time to wait, the vampire will take his own adventure to make his dream come true. By finding a way through the castle on a rock, he will meet up with the dangerous Wizard.  

Vampire also cherishes the warm sunlight, get on the adventure and help the vampire to fulfill his dream.

 Your game character will be the helpless vampire. You will go through 30 rounds so that you can meet the Wizard. In each stage, you have to collect coins and keys to unlock many doors in the castle. Try to collect all the coins and keys on your way to explore the old castle. At some stages, you have to find how to unlock some secret doors. There are bat mode and vampire mode for you to switch back and forth. Let’s join with his journey to fulfill his shining dream by playing The Sun for the Vampire. 

2. Vampire Jackie

Let’s meet an adorable Vampire, Jackie. On his 546 birthday, Jackie wishes for only one thing: to fly. Are you surprised? Yeah, some Vampires can’t fly. However, his wish is just not to fly around anywhere. He dreams to be in the sky with the lovely moon, wind, and clouds. However, he is now in his coffin, far below the ground. To grant his own wish, Jackie has to need the strongest bat ever to carry him and fly up to that dreamy sky. He and the bat have to make their way out through many challenges. Can they make it to the sky? 

Meet up an adorable Jakie and support him to grant his wish on his 546 birthday.

 This time you will be Jackie's hero by helping him to fly into that charming sky.  You will be the one that smooths the way out for Jakie and the bat. There are 25 levels for you to clear out. All you need to do is break the wood, destroy some huge blocking gears or avoid some ghost traps on the way. You will get through various types of challenges and blocking objects. This game has cute graphics with adorable characters. Help Jackie out to grant his sweet wish and have fun. 

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3. Like Vampire Like Son

Vampires can give birth, and the baby can be human. That is true, totally true in the fantasy vampire world. Anything can happen in wonderful Vampireville in this game Like Vampire Like Son. It’s Momcular who gave birth to a human being. The Vampire family was devastated, but they kept the baby, and his name is Jordan.  As time goes by, Jordan grows up, and everything starts to change. Jordan just wants to be a regular human being. However, his wish is just a big no-no in Vampireville. All he needs to do is run away before the whole town find out he is human and suck his blood till until it is all drained. Following his father words, Jordan ran to the human world and cannot turn back until he is a true vampire. 

How it may be when human and vampire living in the same world?

 In this game, you will not be a vampire but a human being. You will take a role as Jordan and go to Humansville. In this Humansville, you will help Jordan to go around and collect important objects. You have to save them for later and use them when it needs. You will discover some amazing twists and turns on the journey with Jordan. Try this out and find out how it may be when human and vampire live in the same world. 

4.  Vegan Vampire

For your information, not only human but Vampire can also be a Vegan

 Vampires only drink blood. You may change your thought after playing this game. Meet up with the charming vampire in this fun game and experience how Vampire can go Vegan. It’s totally personal choices when it comes to picking your own food. Your game character will be a vegan vampire that only needs fruits or veggies to power up. You will help him to get through each stage by collecting vegetables and fruits such as strawberries, apples, carrots, broccoli or even some vegan burgers. The Vampire is out for a night party. He will run his way to his house before the daylight. Let’s help him finish the run and be in his coffin on time for a sweet daydream. 

5. The Sun For the Vampire 2

Continuing from the origin The Sun For the Vampire, you still go on a journey to help the helpless vampire to escape his curse. This time he will go with the plan B. He will take a new adventure to a far horrible castle to meet an old witch. It’s believed that the witch can help him to live under the sunlight. In the horrible castle, this old witch is served by many ghosts and scary monster. You will again help the vampire to get through all the challenges and scary monsters. The helpless vampire is willing to do anything so that he can see the sun. Are you ready to help him to meet that lovely sunlight? Game on and support him to make his dream come true. 

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