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How To Fix A Hole In The Pants?

We usually see the fashion of ripped pants and people really like it but you can’t wear a pant with a hole by making it look like a ripped. So many beginners don’t know how they can repair a pant with a hole and how they are supposed to repair the hole in a way which never looks like a repair part? You can definitely repair a hole in the pants with the help of best basic sewing machine for beginners.

If you really do understand the mechanism of your sewing machine and you know how to make it work then sewing a hole is not a big deal for you. For more information about the best sewing machines and to understand the whole system better, you can visit Let’s go through some of the ways through which you can repair the pants and change the look as well.

Fix A Hole In The Pants Using A Sewing Machine


This is one of the easiest and safest option to attempt when you are a beginner and definitely when you need to repair the pants on an urgent basis. Take some old pants from your closet of the same color and cut the patch from it. Now you can sew the patch in the pant from the wrong side. You can do it from the sewing machine and by the hand as well.

If you are about to repair the hole in the pants with the help of hand sewing then choose the same color thread as your pants and must be thick in nature. Use small stitches to attach the patch to the fabric strongly. If you are repairing a hole with the sewing machine then the recommended way is to use decorative stitches so it never looks like a repair part.

It’s recommended to use the best inexpensive sewing machine for beginners (you can find it here) when you are sewing number of patches in one pant.

Ripped Style:

We all know how ripped style work in the pants, right? There is a number of strong threads in the front and that’s what ripped is. If your casual pants have a hole in the knee area or somewhere near thighs then you can easily take out the threads from any pants in your closet and start sewing it in the repaired pants.

This way of repairing is only recommended if this piece of cloth is a causal to you. You can change the look of the pants into the ripped jeans and it will look like a new collection. Keep the stitching of the thread strong and fiber you are taking from the other pants must be strong enough to get attached to the pants. Use same color and thick in nature thread for the ripped style pants.

Fabric Glue:

Many people got this problem in an emergency situation and now they have no idea what to do to repair the pants and how to get ready in such a short time? Well, in this case, keep fabric glue in your sewing kit for the emergency case. Take any pants from your closet which must be of the same color as your current fabric and cut the piece of fabric from there.

Now use glue on the patch and start sticking it on the pants. Once the glue is dry and your patch is completely sticking to the pants then use an iron to make it flat. Use iron on the patch to make it flat and after ironing put something heavier on the patch to make it fixed properly. Your pant is ready to wear and this glue technique is definitely going to save your day.

Repair holes on denim

Light Color Attachments:

If you will ever take a closer look at the store where you can see a number of pants in different styles then see the look of lighter and darker patches combination. You can adopt the same look for the repairing of the pants. If you don’t have anything of the same color as your pants in your closet then go for the lighter tone. You may have a jeans or something one tone or two tones lighter than the current color.

Cut the patch of the pants in a square and start attaching it on the holes in your pant. Sew it from the wrong side and in a few minutes, your garment will be ready to wear. The look of darker and lighter tones is in trend as well.


Have you seen the fabric stickers on the jeans? That formula can work for you as well when you have damaged pants and you want to repair it again. There is the number of craft stores out there from where you can collect a number of stickers to attach on the ripped area with the help of ironing. It depends what sticker you want, it would be good if you will go for the random strips to make it look like a natural one.

Collect those stickers and take all your things on the ironing board. Your stickers will get fixed on the pants from the front side. Keep the sticker on the fabric in the exact position and start using an iron over it. After a minute or so, it will get attached to the pants and your pant is ready to use. To make it look general, you can use one or two stickers here and there on the pants so it will look like a style and random idea.


Repairing a hole in your clothes is not as hard as it seems to be. As a beginner, if you will learn about certain tricks then definitely you can work really great and can cope with the emergency situations. For perfect and efficient sewing you must have a perfect stitching machine. Always choose the best rated sewing machines for beginners after going through the sewing machine reviews or guide.