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If you are wonder "how do I get a visa for Vietnam?" then you come to the right place. From here, we will give you the needed info on acquiring a Vietnam visa by making use of different ways. If you do not have any understanding about requisites of visa, this details may be able to assist you.

Why acquiring a Vietnam visa is needed?

Obtaining a visa to Vietnam is a requisite that you will need to meet if you're going to visit Vietnam. The regular method on how to get a visa for Vietnam is through the Embassy of Vietnam. Nevertheless, you can get other alternatives, and among that is by applying for a visa on the internet and then receiving it at the airport upon your arrival.

This useful method of requesting for a Vietnam visa online is issued to help individuals who are residing away from the embassy. By using this way, you can steer clear of the inconveniences however still be able to get visa for Vietnam you need in time for your travel.

Among the easiest and more hassle-free and budget-friendly methods on how to get a visa to Vietnam is by making online application, also called as visa on arrival or VOA. Here are several of the huge benefits of choosing a visa for Vietnam using online application:

· Once getting a visa offline, you have to personally visit the Embassy of Vietnam closest your place, or you can mail the needed documents by post. But, obtaining your own online Vietnam visa enables you to process everything without leaving your home. You simply have a stable online connection to proceed with the application.

· If you apply for visa for Vietnam at the embassy, you require to take a few days off from your job especially if you live far away from where the embassy can be located. This means that your salary is definitely lower and it is based on the number of days you were absent. Also, you must also pay postage fee or transport fare when acquiring a Vietnam visa at the Vietnam embassy.

In addition, in case you submit an online application, you can complete the transaction anytime, anyplace. Even if you are at home or at the workplace, you're still able to apply for a visa online. By doing so, you can save lots of money and effort.

· Getting your Vietnam visa through the Vietnam embassy will necessitate submitting your passport, completed application form, as well as a passport sized photo. But with a visa online, all you need to do is to fill out and submit the visa application form online and wait for their response.

Frequently asked queries about acquiring a Vietnam visa

Here are just three of the most popular queries enquired by very first time visitors planning to visit Vietnam:

· How to apply for a visa to Vietnam?

· What do you need to do when applying for a Vietnam visa?

· How do you get a visa for Vietnam?

Before applying for a visa Vietnam, you need to inspect whether this is a requisite for inhabitants of your country. There are certain nations whose residents could certainly pay a visit to the country without a visa for Vietnam. Check Greenvisa site to find the listing of countries that really don't have to get visa in Vietnam.

In case you have verified that you need to have a visa, the next step is to prepare the necessary documents and then submit application form to the reliable travel agency such as Greenvisa.

Different ways of getting a visa to Vietnam

There are different options on where to get a Vietnam visa. The most common option is via the embassy of Vietnam or online. If you choose to get Vietnam Embassy visa, you need to send in your passport, accomplished visa application form, and a passport picture. On the flip side, in the event that you opt for the visa Vietnam online, you simply really need to fill in the online form and submit it.

An important thing need to be kept in mind is that the visa online for Vietnam is only appropriate for tourists who are visiting by airplane, check this here

Expected time period for acquiring a Vietnam visa

It's crucial to learn how long it takes to process visa for Vietnam, so that you will have enough time to prepare everything that you need.

How long to get a visa to Vietnam will depend on where you plan on getting it. Before you submit your visa application, please make sure that the validity of your passport is at least 6 months.

For those preparing get Vietnam Embassy visa, it is going to take approximately five to seven days or longer. But if you choose to get the visa to Vietnam online, it will only take about two days maximum.

Things to do when acquiring a Vietnam visa at the airport

Before asking how you can get Vietnam visa in the airport, you need to make sure that you are allowed to get this visa type. When submitting an online application, you will get an approval letter if there is nothing incorrect with the important information you supplied. From then on, you will need to show them to the officers at the arrival airport and shortly then, you may be able to get a visa stamp and have a right to go into the country officially.

Looking at how long to acquire a Vietnam visa and comparing the 2 choices, it is obvious that online visa is the easiest way of acquiring a visa to Vietnam. If you want to know more about this alternative, please don't hesitate to visit