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I have heard too many conflicting reports. If I use the Bathmate while firming, using a semi or full erection?

When starting out with the Bathmate, I'd stick to the manufacturer guidelines and use if in a flaccid state. After you get used to the exercises, feel of this Bathmate and possibly after confirmation from your physician if you have one -- you can move on to the semi-hard state which most people use to boost their girth and length.

When will I get to see the full, long-lasting pump gains?

Usually after about a month of usage, whenever you've started to experiment with using the Bathmate while erect. You'll discover use is significantly more intense and the pumped up feeling certainly lasts much longer.

While it's not only necessary, I would advise that you at least trim down there if you're not comfortable with shaving the entire region.

Do I want the entire set of Bathmate products or only the hydropump?

This is down to personal choice. While there's no doubt the professional products do a fantastic job helping you to maintain your new best friend, it's possible to clean the device with no kit. I would recommend buying only the one Bathmate pump and not upgrading until it breaks or you grow from it.

How do I utilize the Bathmate

The initial retailer's website actually has a section dedicated to how to utilize their products. You'll even find educational videos and other how-to questions answered.

What are the red dots I get after using the Bathmate?

This is a common question from people new to using the item. Firstly, do not worry! They're harmless and they'll disappear. Generally speaking it means you've set your penis under a lot of pressure and it's a indication that you ought to take your Bathmate exercises somewhat easier. Should you unexpectedly get them after several months of usage, consider cleaning the Bathmate.