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Bio Statement It's the million-dollar question, right? The chimera that all companies in the information sector are looking for. Basically, we talked about finding a way of maintaining the integrity of the encrypted data (therefore private data), allowing them to work with them to obtain relational value. In practical environments, it would mean that we could do market research (that% of society is interested in this type of product) , hold private conversations exposed to external scrutiny or perform critical checks (if this citizen has cast a vote for example) without Therefore, the data of these people will be exposed. Not only by entering intermediation layers (after all, tools such as Keyword Planner (ES) allow us to know the number of searches to a specific keyword in Google; data that the company consults because it has access to that database and that We as an external body can consult thanks to an intermediary tool that avoids having to give us the raw data to perform the analysis) , but within the same body (that Google, to continue with the assumption, could perform that search without having to expose within of your system the data of all those users) .  Types of VPN and VPN Protocols Explained