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In the past few years, Korean wave has swept across Asia, even the world. The performance of Korean drama (also named Kdrama) is quite prominent. It is widely admired and has been deeply taken up people's heart. Many of them are available through streaming services that offer various language subtitles, like English sub and Chinese sub.

For overseas audiences, you have no way to watch the newest Korean Drama via traditional television channels. So what should you do? In this post, best Kdrama websites for free watching Korean Drama online.

This Korean drama website provides viewers with a vast library of Kdrama shows to watch from. It even hosts shows from Japan and China, you can easily watch Korean drama online for free here.

This Korean drama website is easily recommended by other viewers as it has all the new Asian Drama online, just like the name suggests. But that’s not the only reason why New Asian TV is one of the top most sites to view kdrama, this website also has a collection of all the famous and un-popular dramas, whether it be Korean drama, Japanese drama or even Chinese. So you can watch Korean drama online on this website with ease.

This kdrama website has a simple user interface which enables viewers to choose from the wide options they present. Or viewers can just simply go to the search bar on the homepage and try to find the show you wish to see.

Viewers can watch their desired Kdrama and even explore new and different ones due to the massive library ‘New Asian Tv’ possesses. The only problem being that there may be a conflict regarding whether its IP address, due to certain reasons its IP address is not available in every part of the world due to which it may be inaccessible in many cases. But if you wish to get a one of a kind experience is sure to view it!